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A Nepalese Adventure

Good Manors have been supporting one of our bank staff, Lucy, as she volunteers in Nepal to help the children there and the resources available to them. Lucy has written about her experiences in Nepal, so here’s what she has had to say:

“I set off out to Nepal to volunteer with a company called GVI with the vision and passion to help others who are less fortunate. However small it may seem, I wanted to do whatever I could to help. I opted for the ‘construction’ placement.

Construction involved a daily routine of leaving the homestay at 9:30am, and arriving to the school site by 10:00am. The work we did involved priming a newly built classroom; we primed the outside walls, the doors and the windows. We then painted the building, which was extremely rewarding to be able to see the classroom all ready for use and education-friendly. The headteacher simply asked GVI at the beginning of the project to help make his school look like a school, a place where the children can feel safe and happy, which I believe we have managed to achieve.

Once we finished this project we constructed noticeboards: eight boards in total. After this we constructed whiteboards for each classroom, which allows teachers to teach in a more efficient way. We primed and painted another area of the school (the childcare centre), creating a cleaner environment for the children and teachers. Finally, the last project we worked on was building a bin for the school. We created two different bins; a plastic section to recycle, and a wastagsection. This was a significant addition to the school as they can now reduce wastage, and have a cleaner environment for the children to learn in. In addition to this, children can learn how to recycle, and take this knowledge home with them to their families, again increasing education of wastage in Nepal.

After a month of volunteering on construction, I decided to extend my stay a further month, and change to the woman’s empowerment placement. I work with women intermittently throughout the week, as we go to alternate locations on different days. The lesson involves teaching them English: we cover basic sentences, improving their confidence when writing and speaking. Most recently we have progressed onto adjectives and nouns, in which they are now confident distinguishing between the two – an extremely rewarding feeling for me. 

In the afternoons we do crafts with the women as a big group, allowing them to leave their homes for a few hours of the day, to escape the routine of cooking, cleaning and washing. This allows me to enable them to feel empowered, independent, valued, and most importantly, allows them to pursue talents and passions they would never have had without the support of the volunteeer program.

I came to Nepal with the mindset of helping others, but I can honestly say that the people of Nepal have taught me more than I could ever teach them; their morals and family values, their beliefs about  meditation and mindfulness, and the correct way to treat others. This experience has changed my life, and will shape how I live for the rest of it.”

We are very proud of Lucy and her achievements, and look forward to seeing her when she returns!

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